Studies show that 50% of people in Africa die from drinking unsafe water especially in desert areas

 Some of scientific studies that have been done this year have shown that 50% percent of people in Africa die from drinking unsafe water , this problem has been caused by long_term drought especially in desert areas.

This problem has led to an increase in diseases such as malaria , cholera and long__term influenza , studies show that 10% of children die from drinking unsafe water from the rivers and lakes .

The change in the climate behavior has been a problem that contributes significantly to the increase in diseases where many Africans have suffered from this epidemic, this has been caused by the lack of technology and professionals with high abilities in fighting climate change disasters.

Experts and researches have tried to list their research data and show that many  Africans are dying from this epidemic of climate change .

Changes in climate behavior have been causing harm to the economy and some agricultural sectors such as breeding , business and fishing .

We always say that a good philosophy of development is to prevent all disasters that hold the economy back in order to establish a new philosophy with a strong system in development.

Good altitudes to reduce or eliminate this epidemic include establishing better systems including institutions that will be like a pillar to fight the climate behavior issues .

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