Will AI be as the source of many innovations?

The development of using AI through devices

 The development of AI has led to the rise of many innovations in our current decade compared to the past decade were there was few innovations .

The development of AI has led to the rise of many categories such as software science , planetary science , social science and so much more . These varieties of science categories have increased than normal in today's world , everywhere we see innovation going on , actually it has included the whole world.

AI technology will actually be in high demand to the current decade , because it is a time of it , if you could ask yourself that how will programmers , engineers ,writers and developers will reach the level of their expertise in the coming few years ahead ? You could really notice that there expertise knowledge will increase to adapt the environment they live .

AI has widens the doors of innovations in all levels of human social realities , in our current decade we have more broad ideas that we could present to the world without limitations. The rise of AI technology has increased the rate of accessibility of various ideas world wide .Thus why anyone can publish his own ideas and get accepted to the world , that is how it increase more innovations .

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