Will machine replace human mind ?

 The development of science and technology has raised many questions for philosophers , this is something that has been very controversial , every where you will hear philosophers say , will there be a high possibility of machine leading the human mind ? Philosophers have had a great ability to solve major problems especially those emerging against science and technology.

This question is the same as asking that , can a humans soar in space ? Despite the many  studies that have been done by scientists , they have shown that machine can not guide the  human mind .

Many of the ideas of philosophers are theoretical but they have a great truth in them ,most of the time I like to think about this matter of the machine to guide human mind , the human mind is natural and the power of machine is artificial, the human mind is a seed  that is naturally created , that is why if it is removed from the human skull it can not be fully formed as it was in the beginning because its minerals are natural.

The development of AI has also contributed significantly to raising many questions against humans . Machines will not be able to be like humans , although they will be a little closer because the structure of the machine is different from the human structure. That's why the thing you make can not exceed your mind in all life .

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