Teachers succeed in creating the best group of experts from various sectors in Mwanza region

Teachers succeed in creating the best group

 Teachers have decided to creat a better professional sector that will help eliminate the challenge of students in schools , this sector will help to  increase the success of students and their efforts while they are at school .

This sector aims to improve education and teaching methods in schools , they have proven that students need to do more practical exercises than theoretical ones .

Due to the great changes in science and technology, the teachers have been forced to develop new methods to adapt to modern technology in schools.

The teachers have agreed that practical exercises are the most basic in preparing the student for a good stage of worldly life .So they have agreed that many teaching materials in schools should be used such as computers , electricity and laptops for each student.

The development of students was of a low level in practical practice for the last decade in some African countries, this is the important purpose of forcing the teachers' association to creat a group with strategies in education.

Many students especially poor countries have had a low understanding of practical issues in science and art because of the bad education system.

Often a good system of principles brings many fruits in all aspects of work and economy.

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