A specialist works on his electricity project for four days

A research about static electricity

 A specialist liable for friction based electricity issues has prevailed with regards to doing his venture for four days , he did this task to inspect substance that move at an ordinary speed on electricity produced via friction.

He said that his undertaking intends to recognize the new power that is inside the friction based electricity , regardless of doing undertaking for a quite a while , he said his joy is to see his venture offer the responses he depends to him .

While in the city of Dar es Saalam, writers figured out how to meet with him and ask him , for what reason would you say you are battling such a huge amount with your power project? he answered that I am attempting to satisfy my venture since a fantasy is in my mind .

He kept on saying that I invest the greater part of my energy watching thoughts and new routes in my friction based electricity aptitude " my concern is to see my undertaking succeed " he said .

The tests that I am going through are troublesome in my undertaking however on the off chance that there is a will there is a way , the master expressed this while he was in his specialized task .

"Energy gives us far__located light on something we are battling for , my static electrical work has made me see other undetectable things at the speed of power while voyaging "he said .

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