A young business woman has proven that she has great potential to fulfill her dream

A business woman has with a big dream

 A young businessman with a lot of intelligence has said that his business will continue to grow from one place to another , a businessman who is responsible for selling drinks and is also a financial investor in his company, she has dreamed a lot of ideas that make him a winner for the years to come .

"Even if we are running our  businesses ,but we need to study and increase knowledge to correct the part that we are stuck in " she said .

This businessman who studied at the University of Dar es salaam (UDSM)  said that despite running many businesses and various things in his life , he is still in training to read many books that will enable him to gain more knowledge in business.

His craftsmanship and generosity in his matters make him run his projects and his property investments fully without loss .

"In my company there many light documents that I use to prepare the schedule and daily insights, these documents help me maintain the foundation and privacy of my company to continue in the best course " she said .

Today , Wednesday she wrote on her Instagram page and said " woman can, if we plan our right plans " she said this to involve many women to use their education to support themselves without relying on the government.

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