The community of mothers in Arusha raises the minds of many young people

A mother's community has a great change to young youth's life

 The community of mothers in Arusha called Kukua pamoja involved in food issues, growth , health and education has been the best community in promoting the development of many young people in Tanzania.

Kukua Pamoja is a community that has been raising the values and continuity of young people in good physical development, education and health .

The community's college scholars have been providing quality education and a wealth of young people's experiences at all technical level.

"Our college provides the best training for growth , education , health , food and good mental development " said the chairman of the community.

Their research in the expertise of knowing and building the minds of young people develops the maintenance and expertise on various worldly matters .

The chief coordinator of the community said that 70% of our young people get better and more informed results in their lives , he continued to explain that anything that creates a community has the power in it to influence people and educate on the best foundation.

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