Isagalla village located in Mwanza region has more water than any other area in Tanzania.

 Isagalla village located in Mwanza region in Tanzania has many sources of water including aquifers and underground water . This village is blessed with many sources of water where its citizens get enough water without any problems.

A resident of the village said that their village is blessed with a lot of water that is available throughout the year even if it is summer period but the water does not dry up .

The residents of the village have enough food, despite their land having a lot of water but their land is also fertile enough .

Research shows that Isagalla village is the best village in Mwanza region with good fertile land , 99% of the village's residents get the most harvest per year .

Currently, the village has become an attraction for tourists in the world. It has many fish found under the soil , these fish has been spread throughout the villages .It is estimated that these fish emerge from the ground, the abundance of these fish in the village have become like sand because there many of excess .

The residents of the village have had a much higher income than all the areas in Tanzania, their fish businesses have being bringing a lot of income per year  " Fish is our business that brings us a lot of dollars a year and makes us able to have a large income " 

"They continue to say that our fish farming is a pillar of the economy in our area . Fish and other crops we grow make us rise economically  from one position to another" They said.

The economy of the residents of the village has also been a source of increasing the national income from one position to another.

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