Why is there a need to prevent the change in the climate behavior

The effect of climate change in Mwanza
Climate change areas in Mwanza

 Consistently, changes in the climate behavior occur in various regions of Tanzania, that's why there is a great need to deal with and prevent changes in the climate behavior that affects human development in various aspects of life .The following are the effects of climate change in Tanzania;_

  • Hunger; some regions of Tanzania have been suffering from a serious problems of hunger especially in regions that are on edge of the desert, it is estimated to have a very small agricultural harvest per year .
  • Health;areas that have been affected by changes in the climate behavior are estimated to have many diseases, because the business cycle is small, so it has been difficult to citizens to meet the needs in maintaining their health.
  • Poverty; In Tanzania a place that has been affected by the epidemic of climate change, there is a great presence of poverty , for example desert areas that do not even have trees , there is a great epidemic of poverty.
  • The purpose of preventing the change in the climate behavior is to ensure that the economy and development of the people are progressing well in health, education and their economy to ensure a good philosophy of development.

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