Eating good food is one of the reasons for building mental capacity

Benefits of eating balance diet

 Man increases his creativity by eating good  food  ,the ability to think is built by the type of food you eat , for example a person who likes to eat meat ,casava , beans and fish his ability to think increases 50% percent in his mind .

But also 20% of the mind is built by daily physical exercise. Some studies have been showing that the power of the mind after adding a meal into the stomach stimulates nerve systems that send information to the brain and make the brain able to increase the speed of thinking due to nutrients introduced into the body .The following are the benefits of eating balance diet ;_

  • It fortifies the cells of the body , great food expands proficiency and makes the cells more grounded , consequently assisting with decreasing the speed of illness in the body .
  • It strengthens the communication system, balance diet builds a good communication system for the brain , because there is a lot of increase in glucose in the body that helps increase the architecture of the communication system.
  • It helps to strengthen the reproductive system , the increase of good food in the body helps to strengthen the sperm and the uterus fully , this is because there many additional nutrients that are needed to maintain the reproductive factory fully .
  • It helps to produce hormones like insuline that control the level of sugar in the body .
  • It helps to creat a good vision in the mind that is built by a good mental health factory thus , it helps to design many theories of things in the world.

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