Why is the world no longer in childhood?

The characteristics of the world of today

 The world has changed, everything in it has changed. This is a world of knowledge and far_sighted light , this world is not like old one . This is a world that travels long distances like the speed of clouds.

Our attitudes in our mind have completely different things , not like the old one , these days we creat things and creat something with definite shape . Today's world is moving at a faster speed .

The philosophy that softens today's world is different from the philosophy of the ancient world . All this is completely demonstrated by all the things that are made in our current years .

The speed of the present world in life is as fast as a cloud that brings down water from heaven. Today's system of life requires knowledge in all stages of wealth production.

This world belongs to people with education and knowledge, because those without knowledge push them away and creat their own world due to their level of education.

The foundations of today's world are full of fields of vision . Therefore , friends knowledge is a gift that keeps us good in today's world.

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