Oral literature exists to increase efficiency and good cooperation

Oral literature and conversational ideas

 Oral literature is often presented through discussion and narrative, through oral literature there many things we learn that we can not find through written literature. Oral literature has been used to convey information between two or more people. The following are the benefits that we get through oral literature:_

  • Oral literature facilitates faster harmony than written literature. Oral literature's mission is to create the reality of something instantly.
  • It unites educated and uneducated people, oral literature does a great job in uniting people of different classes and make them to have one idea with a solid foundation.
  • It helps to build a single__minded society, oral literature is a type of art that works more in creating a society with single purpose and thus helps to achieve rapid development.
  • It is loved in meetings ,events, and various worldly institutions, oral literature has the power to influence people easily , that's why it is loved by many worldly institutions and commercial events .
The following are the disadvantages of oral literature:_

  • Oral literature is quickly lost , oral literature is often stored in people's heads , so it is very easy to lose the memory of something and eventually leads  to losing its knowledge.
  •  Oral literature does not have enough knowledge ,because oral literature is represented orally ,so there is a lack of knowledge and explanation of something more clearly.
  • It does not go along with the changes in science and technology, oral literature uses an old__fashioned structure that is not compatible with the changes in science and technology and thus does not have the support of many people with knowledge.

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