A beauty who likes to smile has been awarded the best certificate for cooking food in Mwanza region

A beauty with good recipes in food

 A 22 _year_old beauty has been awarded the best certificate of good cooking food . The beauty known for her fine craft of cooking all kinds of food has been elevated by being awarded the best certificate in her gift of cooking food .

"I started working as a cook when I was twelve years old in a private school in Mwanza , that's when I started to get experience and best methods in cooking food " she said .

" One of the foods that I have a good experience with is like rice cakes , rice and others , but i also cook all kinds of food and I have great expertise and education in all aspects of food " she said .

The beauty who is said to have a lot of food education and a lot of expertise in all aspects of human nutrition in the whole body system, she has proven all these through her institution of food recipes .

Her expertise emerged after studying and understanding the entire digestive system and the type of food that is needed in abundance in the human body . This education gave him a good chance to become famous for food recipes .

One of her posts on Facebook said "cooking is challenging so you need patience and experimentation to achieve good food cooking expertise "

"When we take care of our food professionally , we ensure good health in our bodies , 40% percent of people in Africa get diseases through bad food cooking and that is why we should have high level of education and knowledge in ensuring that our food is of the best quality " she said .

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