There is an advantage to taking care of our natural beauty to stimulate new ideas in the art of photography

Photography art
image by Michael mussa (mtemwa)

 A young man with the gift of photography said that he loves his art in photography in every aspect of life . His art in photography has been able to raise him far in all economic matters .

Speaking to a journalist in Mwanza region , he explained that his art in photography exists to influence the world on various art issues .

"I like to make good art of photography with the aim of influencing and educating the community through my art of photography" he said.

His attraction through art has made him able to develop diversity and creativity in art  " the world needs a good job , so fighting to increase creativity and innovation is a fundamental factor in creating good work in the world" 

"Every ability that we have in art often evokes new ideas that have never happened in the world , these ideas develop the best foundations in the world" he said.

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