Why are we not advised to use our hands while eating?

 In fact ,we are not permitted to eat food utilizing our hands , since there are microbes that normally land on our hands , and these microorganisms are microscopic organisms that like to live outside and inside the human body .

At the point when you eat with your hand , it implies that you are eating with microorganisms found in your grasp and these microbes are little to such an extent that they shouldn't visible with typical eyes .

The following are the effect of eating food with your hand :_

  • Increments terrible microorganisms in the stomach , when you eat with your hand you are abound to eat awful microbes that are hurtful to the human body , so the least demanding method for safeguarding yourself from hand microscopic organisms is to utilize a spoon while eating food .
  • It causes many damages in the body such as , body tired quickly. However it additionally causes pallor in the body , since when the microbes in the hands enter the stomach they destroy the cell wall and enter the blood where they cause weakness and parchedness .
  • It causes sicknesses of stomach ulcers , when these hand microscopic organisms go into the stomach , they go to annihilate the mass of the digestive tract when corrosive is delivered in overflow in the stomach.
  • It causes stool connected to the blood , when the bacteria in the hands enter the stomach , they go to destroy the digestive system and cause heavy stools connected to the blood.
  • In general ,professionally we are advised to eat food using a spoon to avoid unnecessary diseases.

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