Why should we read art regularly

Studying art by thinking

 Our daily attitude and development that we live in depends on many things including , composition, painting, creativity and other things . All of these are made up of art , so when we study art we find many ways to make and create the best things needed in our lives , for example, tailoring ,clothing styles , dress making , these are some examples that use art in the creation of something real .

Art is a branch to show us , craftsmanship, expertise,writing books ,movie , music and language creation , in art there many visions with understanding and good interpretations of something .

Art puts us in a good position to know today's things and tomorrow's things through writing , innovation,movie writing and the composition of life stories . Everything that we get or make through art has a great meaning and reality in the world.

In art there are many true movie that describe the reality of today's life and our life tomorrow, art is a leader to show us the right direction and events of the  present and tomorrow.

Reading in art puts us in a good state of knowledge and expertise in many things in our lives . Every time we study art , we get a big step to understand our steps and many perspectives in life that show the best direction and steps in life .

Art evokes a lot hidden in the real form of the world .That is why there is  a great need to understand art and it's work in life , the work of art simplifies our activities with ordinary words and puts them in a professional format so that they can bring a real meaning that is acceptable to many .

The basis of art is like a star that shines darkness and become light . This light is used by people to see the right way of their lives .

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