A female businessman involved in the sale of clothes and dresses has explained the reason for having a gentle male friend.

Explanation of thoughts about male friend

 A female businessman known for selling clothes and dresses has explained that she likes to have a gentle boyfriend , she has claimed that a gentle man has true love in the family .

" In 2017 I had a man but he did not care about me or fulfill all my needs . Relationships during that period were not good in our family " she explained.

"My business were not moving for a while , despite being very stressed but I have managed to find my new dream man " she explained.

Throughout the seven years in a row , I was living along without a man to help me with my emotional needs , but I was hoping that one day I would find the man of my dreams.

"Many times my friends used to laugh at me that I don't have a star of success in all aspects of life but today I know that the patient eats the ripe " she explained painfully.

I have gone through a lone journey with obstacles and an incomprehensible foundation but I used to believe that all these are transitions and sometimes it is like a gift to every human being in the world.

This clothing merchant expressed her feelings at the sports field located in Mwanza after having the opportunity to speak with religious leaders in the region .

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