World of science in all aspects of life

Action and experiments in building science in room
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 The world has progressed in all aspects of life and this is the time of science in all human life . Technology and information has grown rapidly to demonstrate the science of the world. Every part of our lives is held by science , the speed of science is sharpening the world in every class of the world. This is a world of technology with the speed of producing modern machines , for example computers, modern industries, modern technology and modern theory .

The speed of the world travels due to the increase of great human thoughts and these ideas are presented in many ways, for example ,writing , movie and so on .Every substance that spreads in the world through ideas has a great contribution to the development of the world of science . The following are signs that show that our world is of science;_

  • The increase in technology, many technologies that are being developed in our current century is one of the statistics that show that the world is in great use of science, today's science is a practical science full of interpretations and understanding in things .
  • The development of the world and the internet, the growth of the development of the world carries a message that informs us that the world is a science, in today's world you can not run your business fully without the internet, the internet carries the whole human business, that's why if you want your business to be successful, you need to know the entire business algorithms and it's characteristics.
  • The spread of online reading sources , in today's world there are many things to read online , everything is available online and so there is a great chance to get an education without even getting an education at the relevant reading institutions.
  • Industrial world, almost every part of the world, there are all kinds of industries , this is one of the signs that the world is a science. The increase in industries has put the world in development with energy and permanent light .
  • The existence of great desires for the study of distant planets . The development of science has raised the thoughts and visions of many people to have the  desire to live on a planet far from the earth , this is because of the power of science and technology that persuades people to take decisions to live on a planet far from the earth.
  • The idea of evolution , the idea of evolution in the world still excited the development of the world. Everyday man changes his mind and thus helps him create a world of science.
  • The existence of major competitions in business, great competition in business has contributed to the existence of many developments and innovations in science. This has led to an increase in quality products and the continuation of speed in the development of the world.
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