Member of parliament for Babati urban state , Hon Pauline Philip Gekul has raised cheers in Dodoma

A member in Babati


Member of Parliament for Babati Urban State, Hon. Pauline Philip Gekul has raised cheers, shouts and shouts in parliament state in Dodoma, after standing up and touching a little on the problem of his case.

Contributing to the argument in the estimated income and expenditure, in the budget of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Sports, the gentle member of parliament and servant of God, has explained how he 'drank the cup' in that difficult time, and that it was not easy.

"I thank God for the way he has been blessing us all, each one of us in his own way, even when we go through difficulties, he helps us in a unique way," he said and added;

"Even I, in the difficult period I went through, it was not easy that today I was able to stand here, but with the prayers of Tanzanians and God's will, today I stand boldly to continue with my parliamentary duties.

"I have allowed the law enforcement agencies to continue their work, but the truth will be revealed, let's build a culture of praying for our national leaders.

"I am also very grateful to the President, Dr. Samia, in the way that her daughter has believed in me, has taken me away, she is a responsive, compassionate mother and a true patriot, God bless you ,The People of   Babati have no debt with you," said Hon. Gekul with a bold voice and firm wisdom.

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