The art of cooking in food

Art of cooking

 Human change in the world has been able to discover various arts of good food  more professionally , that expertise has come with science and good craftsmanship in food . Human change from one stage to another is also a source of change and increase in the new science of cooking food .

Before human change we had foods like fruits , raw meat , cold foods and others , but human and scientific changes have been able to discover the source and importance of every food available in the world , for example in fruits like oranges we get juice and sugar , in rice we get (protein and vitamins ) and cake rice (grams protein ), in corn we get glucose , these are some artistic examples with science in them that have been done by humans in making many foods from one food source .

Therefore ,the steps to change food from one source to another source is known as the art of cooking . Chemistry has been able to contribute significantly to the structure of many modern foods that have a lot of energy and nutrients in the human body .

Many biological studies conducted by many scientists show that every step a human goes through , changes the system of the entire art of cooking food to adapt to the changes in the human body .

When we say the art of cooking is the state of changing one source to another .


Groundnuts =Lipid and fats 

Wheat flour =pastries 

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