Will there be any mathematical innovation that will increase efficiency in the computer ?

Mechanism and operation of computer

 Years every day increase due to the time that goes by , and every year as it increases there is a change in times and seasons. The invention of mathematics has a positive effect on every theory that is created , as the change of time changes more and more , it reflects the big steps of the revolution and the new tools that are increasingly designed by man .

Numbers always carry true actions in their work , the system and procedures contained in a certain calculations provide answer to the reality of something . Algorithms that are used to calculate a given question carry the realism steps of an object .

While you are studying a computer layout , you will realize that math has been used for a large percentage in computer operations , the question is will there be any change if there is an invention of new calculations in the computer ? The invention of any calculation in the world will cause major changes in the computer because each calculation discovered has its own unique algorithms that are not related to other mathematical methods.

Arithmetic calculation is like a machine that chews raw material and produce correct output with great reality , so the increase in theories of new mathematical inventions will lead to the increase of machines with algorithms similar to the calculation discovered in the world.

Poets say that " the new seed has attractions for many " this means that any innovation that may occur in the branch of mathematics will be received by many because it is a new seed that will shine for many .

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