Art makes us live well in the world

Meeting discussion about art

 Every time you meet different people in the world, you will find them speaking different languages that unite them and make them live in cooperation . Every time you hear music in different places , people are attracted by having fun together , and every time you hear people making a science book , art and movies are attracted by words , phrases, actions and correct knowledge contained in books , all these are works of art that unite people and make them live in peace and stability. Art is like a light that shines and makes society see it with joy .

The root of art is a comfort to everyone in the world , because it has excessive benefits, for example, Art embellishes language , modifies grammar , builds a culture with one mind and makes society live in a happy behavior.

Art is like the sun that illuminates all of us together and makes us all see well, when art shines light it pours light on everyone and the light adjusts a person's mind and becomes like light .

The knowledge in Art is a lot that is powerful in influencing anything in the world, so art is a powerful branch and is as sweet as sugar because it is loved by people of all kinds for example ,scholars ,scientists , politicians , writers and philosophers around the world.

Art is the important essence that unites people through politics , philosophy, science and writing . The influence contained in Art is great because it carries the light that pleases every creature in the world, that's why even when a person is sad ,his sadness is lost because art pours comfort and light into his heart and makes him comforted even if he has a difficult life .

The power of art is great ,so we need to be careful with some things that have bad values in society , Art receives all good and bad things and all these are distributed to people, so being careful with some things is the best way to create a clean world for everyone.

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