Collage students have designed satellites at St Joseph's university in Tanzania

The formation of satellites in Tanzania

 The students of St Joseph's university have successfully designed their satellite in Tanzania where they tested it for about four months , the students studying computer and information technology (IT) courses were doing their project since two years ago .

" We have managed to make our satellite project where we were at work for more than four months , we started our project two years ago but at that time we did not manage to finish it " they said .

According to the government's guidelines , it states that the satellite developed at St Joseph's college will be the second satellite to be launched into space , where the first satellite will be from the Government and the second satellite will be from St Joseph's college .

The director of communication and information Mr Nape had said that the issue of launching satellites is fundamental and helps the country and students to expand their vision , education and their scientific technical measures .

The students who have a big dream of launching their satellite who focus on information and technology explained in detail that their journey is to ensure that they use their knowledge to make products for their country and the world in general.

The administrators and guardians of the college have said that they will continue to train the students so that they can discover the many things they have in their minds "despite the lack of learning materials , the college will carry out the responsibility of increasing the number of equipment so that the students can gain knowledge beyond their dreams" 

However ,the communication director Mr Nape emphasized that the issue of increasing satellites in Tanzanian universities including the university of Dar es Saalam (UDSM) and the university of Dodoma(UDOM) is a major and important factor in facilitating access to space information around the world which will help many students expand their digital ideas and various information in the world.

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