Mwanza region in Tanzania has been hit by strong winds in the areas of Kwimba district

Strong in Mwanza Kwimba

 The strong wind that has occurred throughout the week in a row in Kwimba district found in Mwanza region has caused serious harm especially to poor people with indigenous houses .

The wind has become the talk of the Town in the Kwimba district , 90% percent of the residents of the district live and respect old traditions and live in traditional houses where the wind has been easy to break and blow their houses .

The chairman of Isagalla village found in Kwimba district has reported that the wind has broken and destroyed the people's homes of the village , the village ruled by the Sukuma tribe has suffered serious consequences especially in poor families with grass houses .

Despite the strong  winds disturbing the Kwimba district , but it is also suffering from the problem of warming which has risen to a greater extent than usual.

A study conducted by experts in the village revealed that the village is very involved in the cutting of trees without a specific order where it has also been one of the reasons for the increase in temperature in the district.

90% of the residents of the village are engaged in the work of burning charcoal and this is the main work they rely on in abundance , this is according to the research conducted   by researchers .

"Our village is engaged in the issues of burning charcoal and cutting down trees , the people of this village depend on charcoal burning to feed their families ", said village chairman .

However, the government has insisted on investigating the changes in the climate behavior in the area , so the leaders of the Isagalla village have been added with experts to educate and educate the people about the changes in the climate behavior and immediately stop cutting down trees without a specific arrangement.

The government has ordered and emphasized that all children who are in the village should go to school and get an education and abandon old traditions and customs , so that later they can come to help and raise development in the village .

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