Why is the wedding so popular in Tanzanian culture

Wedding in Tanzanian culture

 Many Tanzanian cultures are very fond of celebrations such as those of work , family and others .

Wedding is like the best combination that is made to unite two different people or more and many Tanzanian celebrations use Tanzanian traditions and customs , for example a woman always wears decorative clothes made with creative art .

There are various traditional factories that are used to make decorative clothing for women especially for weddings .

Despite the changes in science and technology , many Tanzanian societies still manage Tanzanian culture and traditions , an example of tribes that manage traditions and customs is like Masai , Wamakonde ,Sukuma and many others .

Many Tanzanian tribes manage the foundation of books written by ancient ancestors about good guidance and literature to take care of the tribe in a strong way .

So , on the days  of the wedding ceremony , there is often all kinds of traditional food , for example , milk , meat , traditional drinks , sweets , recipes , millet ugali and others .


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