Why do intelligent people like to humble themselves even if they have a lot of wealth

Features of intelligent people

 Intelligent people have different views from ordinary people, Intelligent people care about their responsibilities fully , they are people who value time and respect it through out their lives , because time is what makes their affairs successful due to the relevant activities .

The following are the characteristics of intelligent people;_

  1. Intelligent people often do not like to work together , because they are ambitious and greedy for development.
  2. They are people with great enthusiasm and victory in their affairs.
  3. Intelligent people are people who value time because they believe time is money .
  4. Intelligent people are people who don't like to get tired no matter how many challenges they face.
  5. They like to help ordinary people such as money , employment and other common things .
  6. Intelligent people like to think a lot because they believe success is made in the mind .
  7. They like to work hard , because work opens many doors to human life .

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