Two young people in Mwanza region have won prizes after becoming the best food cooks

Competition in food

 In the main food competition held in Mwanza region for food cooking , two young people have won awards for being the best chefs of various human foods .

In the food cooking ceremony , it was attended by various experts who studied food for the  human body , where the experts were like the managers of the food competition .

A competition that included various people from neighboring districts of the region where the people who held the competition were a total of 50 who all have expertise in food cooking , but two people emerged as the best winners of the competition.

"In our food cooking experiment it is about raising people's knowledge in health ,food and the environment , we have organized a food cooking competition with the aim of raising people's capacity and food education in the community ", the chairman of the village .

Food cooking
"There have been many diseases that we get through food , so providing education through competitions is a source of finding good professionals who will help people in the village to get education in good modern cooking ", The chairman of the village.

Due to large study conducted by experts in Mwanza region , Many children and young people suffer from stomach diseases due to poor cooking of food .

The local government has started a food cooking competition to sharpen young people and uneducated mothers on good food cooking .

Due to the important information of the village government , it has been said that every winner who will be found will be given prices from $1000 to $2000, this is due to the ability and education of a person in the game of cooking food .

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