Why it is important to take care of our health through exercise?

Exercise in body development

 Physical exercise is one of the main pillars or the main reason in building the body mentally, morally and educationally . Often exercise brings great results in our bodies where it helps us to make us strong people in business , leadership and the ability to make positive decisions in various matters .

Because every human being reaches the point of getting tired when he does not do any exercise of his body and often the body relaxes and looks like a person's diseases . Exercise has many reasons and benefits for young people and even old people.

Below are the benefits of physical exercise for young and old people;_

  • The body changes and become stronger in decisions , because nerve cells tend to have faster communication than a person who does not exercise in his body .
  • It improves good blood circulation in the body , thus increasing male strength in men , this is because of good and fast blood circulation in the body .
  • It strengthens muscles and the ability to think in the brain , exercise expands the organs of the body and make them work well mentally, psychologically and biologically .
  • It helps to clean body waste such as salt and fat . Exercise helps to reduce waste that fills the body where when a person is exercising all the body's waste leaves and the body remains in a good condition against opportunistic diseases.
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