Why there is a great need to help and improve health services for children

Children getting health services

 In a recent large study , it has been shown that many children have been dying from diseases such as malaria ,fever ,polio and measles . Tanzania has been experiencing many death consequences especially for children aged 0-5 suffer from the epidemic of many deaths .

Shortage of medical equipment has been one of the problems that bothers many African countries ,79% of children have been losing their lives due to the lack of special equipment that helps speed up treatment for children.

Much effort is needed in abundance because children are the nation of tomorrow, many statistics have been showing that many children have been dying just because of the lack of equipment to provide services as well as poverty which has also been a big problem for some African countries.

Experts have found that children are the ones who have the power to bring up new creative topics that helps to develop life with all people in the world, so the issue of paying attention to children's health is a great benefit in preparing a nation with intelligent and healthy people.

Health builds awareness, because without health all things can not continue as required, health is what sets man free in all his creative things .


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