Regional governor Paul Makonda has instructed the head of the security police not to seize tourist vehicles in Arusha region

Arusha's regional governor

 Arusha Regional Commissioner Paul Makonda has instructed the Chief of Road Safety Police in Arusha Region not to arrest tourist vehicles in Arusha Region and instead an inspection for tourists should be done at the borders and at airports used by tourists.

Makonda said this in front of journalists on June 08, 2024 at Kisongo Prison Grounds at the Karibu Kili Fair 2024 international tourism exhibition, which includes more than 700 international companies from more than 50 countries. 

As the Regional Government, we have decided to create a better environment to ensure that when a tourist comes to our region, they do not face challenges and feels respected because the nation is prepared to receive tourists, from the first day of the seventh month we have agreed that there is no Police stopping the Tourism car

“There is no stopping a car carrying tourists from the Airport or Namanga from entering the center of Arusha City, we are doing this knowing that these tourists are checked at the Airport or borders, they have no reason to be restricted by two, three, four to seven, they stop on the road and waste their time”, RC Makonda. 

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