Academic investigations in some lands in Mwanza region have found that fertility has dropped more than usual

Production of corn in Mwanza

 A professional investigation in Mwanza region in search of the strength and fertility of the land has shown that many lands in Mwanza region have reduced their fertility from 98% to 50% , this is due to frequent farming without resting the land .

The cultivation of crops without following the procedure has been as a source of decrease in the best production of corn and led the region to decrease in income than other regions .

Experts have advised that all farmers in the region should be getting education on how to use their land , especially those who do not have enough education in agriculture , for example, they should be taught to plant modern seeds such as corn , cotton and rice in a special order while they are planting their crops .

Mwanza region is one of the regions with a lot of rain like Mbeya and Morogoro , this region leads in the production of crops such as rice , corn , potatoes , cassava , cotton and beans .

But also , the region of Mwanza is one of the regions with an attractive climate and thus it is a big attraction for many tourists , the government has realized that Mwanza is one of the investment areas in Tanzania , so the government said that Mwanza is one of the areas that consider at it seriously in terms of agriculture and breeding for the people.

In 2023 , Mwanza region produced rice crops by 85% , however in 2024 it has succeeded in producing rice by 90% while the corn crop has dropped from 85% to 80% , this is because of the bad system of planting crops by repeating the land for a long time without using modern fertilizers .

The chief chemist responsible for agriculture and animal husbandry issue has urged the people to use modern fertilizer which will increase crop production by 98% which will lead to an increase in crops for a long time .

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