The scientific study of computer is governing us to a new minded world

The scientific study of phenomenas

 The study of computer has many positive effects to the real world , because it has more products that is produced in the real world. There are more ways to reach people through any part of the world, for instance anyone can study computer or any other knowledge and become highly skilled with a particular knowledge is looking for it .

At the point when we discuss computer we really discuss the universe. The study of computer is a world wide information for anybody looking for it . In the real world , individuals are presently simple to get the compelling abilities for their requests , for this reason the universe is actually maintained to a new minded world.

The study of computer has simplified all the field of scientific studies such as Earth science ,Space science , Biochemistry, Microbiology, Zoology ,physics ,chemistry and botany . The development of computer program has energized the world to a new minded world, everything now is possible , because everything has being transformed to a simple way of understanding a certain phenomena .

The study of computer has thought of enormous methods that is potential for the improvement of people level to the next elevated level .

Computer has turned the world into a world of experts with knowledge and skills , the root and foundations of computers connect us to one center of knowledge.

The study of computer has built a good commercial system through website , application and communication, this is one of the reasons that contribute to the spread of knowledge in the world.

Computer learning has expanded the human mind further , the life we live is full of challenges , so through computer we get more knowledge on how to fight worldly challenges because it helps to bring alternative ways that are like a way to solve various worldly problems.


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