Young people are strong in developing the nation and the country as a whole

Secretary and chairman of UVCCM

 Secretary general of UVCCM , Jokate Mwegelo has said that young people are very powerful  group that brings new ideas , they also bring creativity and uniqueness in pushing the development of work of Tanzania , so she has asked young people to unite together and discuss various economic opportunities and how to turn them into development.

Speaking at press conference in Dar es salaam, Jokate has announced the arrival of a special campaign that will bring together young people from different parts of the country to discuss opportunity.

This campaign aims to discuss together the various opportunities created by our loved government of the sixth phase under the leadership of our president Dr .Samia Suluhu Hassan.

"This will be an opportunity for UVVCM and all young people in Tanzania to encourage young people to fully participate in political activities , especially when we are going to register in the permanent register of voters , also to run for leadership positions in the elections , I emphasize that young people should register at this launch which will be led by Comrade secretary general of CCM, Emanuel Nchimbi a chairman of UVCCM and others ", Jokate Mwegelo.

"I assure all young people that CCM realizes that young people have a lot of power to come up with new ideas to bring creativity and uniqueness in pushing the wheel of country's development , I invite all Tanzanian especially young people to launch this campaign  and participate in this campaign" Jokate .

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