Happy tear always contain success in it .


I came from a far to incomprehensible

I can't even explain it 

But I have arrived on the honey planet

Effort have put me in the cloud 

And show me the field of profession 

Visual crafts are full of joy 

And turning atmospheric physics into an act 

See the stars walking in static motion  without even touching , meaning happiness is joy .

The eye swallowed the sky and saw the glorious dimensions of the throne ,

And made the atmosphere seven colours of the union ,

A sign to see city of science ,

My grass mattress,

Travels in the sky without falling .

It has an air flame 

Happiness is a quiet water ,

One drop of water produces many things because it has a lot of fun .

Mind sees things without even hurting the head ,

The reason the joy of the heart has been the same as the quiet atmosphere .

Interested activities give birth to happiness and success ,

A quiet eyes always see a lot ,

And quiet sentences give full meaning .

A happy journey


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