Natural knowledge

 Science and art both are created by natural creativity, so natural creativity possess original power in making better and knowledgeable things in life .

Natural knowledge is a building block which focus on all matters in the world, thus why it is a building block .

The universe has a lot of features hided in form of energy , so through natural knowledge we get more energy to understand the reality and meaning of life .

The Earth has fantastic ideas which come all through innovation and natural creativity thus why human being become aware with more things , since natural knowledge possess a lot with unlimited spaces .

The air in the universe has a lot in it and this feature we predict through natural knowledge which act as an engine to process all things in the universe .

If you could hear a noise from burning fire , it is because of ears which keep on listening and hearing, this is similar to natural knowledge when it hear something it keep on listening and reasoning to express the reality and practical meaning of such phenomenas.

If there is a way to see on life , it is because of natural knowledge which keep on developing thing daily with unlimited knowledge.

Features about natural knowledge

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