Good heart promote many things in our life .

 Wisdom and morality 

It is poured with good heart saliva 

Caring and appreciating personality

This spit speaks in static motion 

And they have the power to help people

Because the heart is filled with the blood of light ,

If you go to a good__ hearted person, he will give you food often .

In order to crucify his heart by incorporating pure saliva qualities ,

A good heart dedicates to a lot ,

To increase his greatness  , so may come a long way ,

i.e you can't even get problems

Because this kind of heart is filled with many things of knowledge and wealth ,

Good heart is pure religion analyzed professionally ,

His voice has gravity because he is heard by many people,

Really is a lot of thought!

Even if you pick a dirty stone 

A good heart throws it with confidence

Good heart has tasty food 

Good heart has delicious food for development,

And many people like to go so they take themselves to the best food ,

Good heart is wealth of many and wisdom .

Behaviours of good heart

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