The facts of the calculation

 I dreamed a huge count at one hundred percent,

And the results came out the same as I dreamed ,

Then I try to dream a small number 

And the results came out the same as I dreamed this number ,

After germinating a small count the heart glowed the pulse ,

And not much anxiety was full 

Which embarrassed me to see the full circle of the earth ,

There the earth showed me a little attempt in mind !

Produces a result of non _sesan and lonely

The math test has shown me that time goes with dreams in bringing the results of reality ,

Large numbers creat grammar with the best order in the circle, 

Small number forms poor grammar in a circle ,

After choosing a small number the circle encoded me and missing a wide space ,

Until the time to choose number again ended me ,

Because the number circle was darkened and closed it's inventory ,

For the new offspring again .

Meaning of calculation in poetry

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