An elder who struggled for many years to build his dream but he did not achieve it .

 I have built a house for many years

But it doesn't help me 

And unfortunately I don't use it at all 

I lost the cost so much to build my house 

But I haven't seen it's benefits

They have surpassed those people with natural house ,

They use them appropriately in their lives 

I have built it at great cost 

But the result have been very bad 

I've spent millions of money starting in childhood,

Until I graduated to build my house 

I'm overwhelmed by just people who haven't built a nice house in mind ,

The houses of their origin are the most felt more than the one in the cost house ,

My classroom house has lost me time and left me I have no direction ,

See now I cry for my self ?

Age building house again is over 

Now what do I do ?

My sun is sinking

Now I don't know how to see it ?

Darkness has ever been to me 

I played it for a while by building a home that has no use in life ,

My motion will not change

Because my eye looked and put great dependents on my expensive home ,

Mh! My motion will end me right away !

My house with difficult time

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