The climate is suddenly changing in the region of Mwanza , Tanzania

 On the 28th of December , Mwanza suffered a heavy air _conditioned rain and a great thunderstorm , this rain was a hail that led to the destruction of people's crops , for example , rice , maize , sorghum , all these crops were destroyed .

However , some of the modest houses were flooded and loaded out to the islands , where it has led to the terrible famine that has plagued the people in the region .

"The governor of Mwanza has said the issue has been unusual since it is not the first time it has happened " He said 

"Natural disasters these are natural and can only be prevented through special techniques ,  so we just have to find a special way to protect ourselves from the disasters that are going to happen , disasters like earthquake , heavy rainfall and so on" , He said 

However the government has said it will provide assistance to all those who have suffered from natural disasters to reduce unnecessary problems for citizens .

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