Five benefits of using vegetables

Benefits of using vegetables
Vegetable have had many benefits in health .The following are the  benefits of eating vegetables;_

It increases vitamins ; vegetables are widely used to add vitamins to the entire human body , it also enriches , the food system to be soft and thus makes the entire digestive system fully active .

It helps to remove dryness in the eyes and make the eyes soft , so it increases the efficiency of the eyes too see well .

It increases a lot of minerals in the body and thus increases the efficiency of the kidneys as well as the liver to work well in it's normal state .

It helps to increase the efficiency of physical communication , vegetables are very much needed in enriching the spinal system , ten percent of vegetable minerals enrich the nerves system as well as major ear drum maintenance.

It help in adding a lot of minerals to the part of the cell wall , so it protects the cell wall and makes it look strong .

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