Here what I shared with people in Dodoma about the issue of climate change

Climate change conditions
Dodoma is one of semi__desert area found in Tanzania , In Dodoma the rate of desert has been increasingly abruptly compared to other regions of Tanzania .This climate change in Dodoma has lead to the increase of poverty , deforestation ,poor air condition and the rate of excessive carbon monoxide (co) which has lead to increase of problems in that area .

Dodoma is currently known as the most desert area in Tanzania , the rate of desert in Dodoma has been caused by the high rate of human activities in Dodoma such as charcoal  burning , deforestation , livestock keeping , and so on .

The statistics  show that this area has low rainfall compared to other parts of Tanzania , 90% of animal are dying because of desert . This area need a lot of energy and money to repair the environment and desert condition in Dodoma . The following are the ways that could help Dodoma to change its climate to good conditions .

Planting of trees ; most of parts in Dodoma has shortage of trees , so we need a lot of energy to plant trees in order to creat better environment for everyone .

Alternative energy should be applied such as electricity energy, air energy rather than using firewood during preparation of food . Most of people in local area in Dodoma use firewood as a heat energy for cooking purposes , so this lead to a more excessive carbon monoxide to the environment .

Health services should be provided to pregnant women and children , most of local people in Dodoma are rely on using local medicine from trees , this also has lead to the destruction of the environments , because they cut trees as the sources of their medicines rather than using professional medicine .

Local industries should be converted to a more modern industries , this could save and reduce the rate of excessive carbon monoxide (Co) to the environments , although it could potentially cost amount of money that could help in conversion of local industries to modern industries.

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