A 27_year_old boy says that music is like his good business in life

A boy playing music through creations

 A 27 _ year _ old boy has claimed that music is like his power blessed by the almighty God. Music is a concept that makes him happy throughout his life , the young man has been doing design work everyday in his musical gift.

He said that music always gives me comfort , happiness , peace and stability in my heart . Despite having many challenges that hinder him , he said one day his dream will shine in the dark for many people.

The life he lives is normal, his plans have been very strategic and patient in life .

"I live with my relatives who give me the  strength to fight and direct my dream away , the presence of friends has been like a concept to give me new encouragement and strength in my plans " He said .

The young man studied music at the University of Dar es Saalam in Arts and music , all this makes him strong in fulfilling his dream.

My needs and schedule in music are equal to 10000 $ dollars in completing all my plans , he talked about this while being interviewed by the manager of the main music label in East Africa.

" If my success is achieved , it will achieve the success of many in the country and the world in general! Because every dream carries a lot of knowledge, education and vision that are used by the world to educate people" He said .

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