A beautiful lady and cosmetics merchant has confirmed that wearing long dresses is part of the art

Wearing and style for lady

 A beautiful girl known for selling cosmetics and clothing has admitted that the long dresses she makes are part of art in her life .

"My long clothes use art education to create a  good design  and attractive style while wearing my clothes " she said .

The custom of wearing long dresses has become a culture that attracts many percentages and many people especially in many parts of Africa and the world in general.

" Art takes us far and makes us find many things in our lives , because art is made up of many things that are in the human mind " she said.

While in an interview with the writer of MTEMWAPOETRY , she said that her sewing skills are the best ideas that brings him a good income per day .

" I do what I studied at school and that is what I use in my life , the skills that I got at school in Art are what I use to run my life " she explained.

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