Literature has great benefits in the development of students and society

Literature discussion

 Art has become the popular branch that has a great benefits in the development of students , art is like a device that has the power to influence through language and cooperation , language is like a special device that connects different people with different abilities and knowledge , language is what intensifies the understanding of two people or a certain group with the same intention .

Language stands as an important tool to spread knowledge to a certain like_minded group .The development of students has been increasing rapidly from 50% to 90%, so the art tool has great benefits in the development of human intelligence and vision .

The pillar of art excites a lot in our creative development . When students use art tools in their lives , they find themselves at a good stage in their educational development.

Below are the benefits of art for students and society :_

  • It helps spread knowledge from one person to another . Art is a special branch that contributes a large percentage to the development of students , that is why students are advised  to know art education in their lives , because art carries a large percentage in the human development.
  • It contributes to the construction of society , art is broad , so it has a great benefits in building a society with people with knowledge and skills, so it helps to spread changes in science and technology in all life systems.
  • It helps to resolve conflicts between two or more people. One of the works of art is to bring peace , cooperation and development. So the work of   art helps to solve challenges anywhere with conflicts and make society a better place for everyone.
  • It entertains society through music,comedy ,movies and stories. In art there is a special particle that works to remove stress in human life and make man see a simple life in the world.
  • It develops language; because art uses a certain language in communication between two or more people, so it helps to develop the language and make it known to many people with a certain interest in society.
In general ,art is an important tool that helps  unite society ,entertain , resolve conflicts in order to creat a better society for everyone.


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