Tanzania meets with Kenya for an international development federation

Collaboration of Tanzania and Kenya

 Tanzania meets with Kenya for the international development federation (IDA) which deals with the development of the country and its people, in the meeting between Kenya and Tanzania, President Samia was able to say the following:_

"Earlier today  in Kenya addressing the International Development Federation (IDA) Conference. Along with other projects, in collaboration with IDA , our country has also been able to;-

1. To improve the area of maternal and child health with one of the best systems for the African region,

2. To strengthen rural electricity supply, an area where Tanzania is also one of the best countries in this region of our continent,

3.Increase access to clean and safe water, 

4th. The start of large flood control projects, especially in the city of Dar es Salaam, including the Msimbazi River Basin improvement program to control frequent floods (Msimbazi Basin Development Project).

In my speech, I have emphasized that there are better financial policies from international organizations on our continent, with conditions and low costs, that look at increasing investment in developing human resources and technology and focus more on developing the ability to increase the number of plans implemented between them and participating countries"

The meeting was aiming to improve the best pillars in the development of citizens, technology and industry for people and society in general.

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