It is a stage of development in industrial growth in Tanzania

Industry for trucks in Tanzania

 The government of the sixth phase led by the honorable Samia Suluhu Hassan has succeeded in launching the Saturn Corporation Limited trucks factory located in Kigamboni in Dar es salaam.

The government continues to take a progressive step , the factory has been launched to increase employment, increase the skills of students especially those studying at the engineering level in various engineering fields .

" We continue to make great progress in developing the industrial sector and I find a great comfort in seeing citizens benefit from the opportunities arising from this success. This development does not grow our country economy with industrial jobs only but also from other sectors , because we intend to see these industries use a lot of raw materials from within our country including human resources" Samia said .

" These measures are proud of our country and push us forward to continue with the work of improving the environment to promote productive investment for citizens including continuing to create a friendly environment for relations between us and the international community as well as having affordable tax systems especially when investment is in the initial stages " Said president Samia.

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