Why should we write whatever we think in our minds ?

We should write anything we think

 Human thoughts are many with many consequences, when a human reaches the point of thinking about something , he creates many thoughts in his head .

Anything that a human creates in his mind carries positive results because every seed that is made or planted has consequences.

As the thought system flows into the brain , it carries many interpretations that sometimes create scientific ideas of something full of expertise and knowledge .

A lot of professional research has been showing that the human mind has many things that do not even have a limit , and every substance of thought evokes many sentences with expertise and light to make something in the world.

The ideas produced in the brain are what protect development ,philosophy , science, agriculture and economy. That is why we should take care of them as a child so that they can grow and bring benefits to the world.

Writing down something you think in your mind is like storing seeds in a safe place , because every time the brain vibrates , it produces new seed of thought. The speed of young people's thoughts produced in the brain is stronger than that of the elderly . So protecting ideas is a fundamental factor in creating wealth in every aspect of life .

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