The government has suspended the inspection of electronic receipts in the main market of Dar es salaam

 The government has suspended the exercise of inspection of electronic receipts (EFD) and value added tax (VAT) receipts, which was carried out by the Tanzania Revenue Authority through the tax region of Kariakoo, Dar es Salaam when a good procedure was being prepared for the implementation of the issue in Kariakoo International Market.

This was said by the Minister of State, Office of the President, Planning and Investment, Professor Kitila Mkumbo while giving the resolutions of the meeting between Tanzanian Business Leaders, Leaders of Kariakoo Central Market Traders and Institutions in charge of Businessmen's issues, a meeting that was called by the Minister of Finance Dr. Mwigulu Lameck Nchemba and also attended by the Minister of Industry and Trade, Dr. Ashatu Kijaji and other senior Government Leaders.

 “Businessmen showed the challenge of lack of documents, especially at the Port, which causes tax estimates that are incorrect, but secondly, the calculation of the tax rate they pay, third is the presence of Machinga in the shops they sell and fourthly, the issue of arrests conducted by TRA and fourthly, they showed the challenge of the financial law bill” ,Professor Mkumbo said.

“ For a detailed discussion, we agree that from July 01, 2024 TRA will have a new system of documents that will be used well in ensuring that traders get accurate estimates in the sense of the system of receipts and their receipts”,Mkumbo added.

Professor mkumbo

“The second issue TRA is suspending its famous operations known as by Swahili name "Shikashika" until it completes this procedure in order to establish a good procedure for collecting income especially in terms of documents, regarding tax calculation it is a legal issue and we as the Government have taken it to further improve the tax calculation system especially Port” Professor Mkumbo. 

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