The government of Zanzibar has recommended Dr .Mwinyi to lead up to seven years

President of Zanzibar

 Deputy Secretary General of CCM Zanzibar, Dr. Mohamed Said Dimwa, has said that the members of the Secretariat of the Special Committee of NEC in  Zanzibar, have adopted a proposal to advise the Special Committee of NEC to agree to extend the term of the President of Zanzibar and the Chairman of the Revolutionary Council Dr. Hussein Mwinyi to lead the country in his first term for a period of seven years instead of five saying for the good work done by Dr. Mwinyi will be a loss to hold Elections in 2025.

Dr. Dimwa said this while closing the meeting of the UVCCM District Dimami party in Zanzibar held at the Kiembesamaki District Offices.

Dr. Dimwa has said that the decisions to extend the time to lead the country Dr. Mwinyi are based on his satisfaction with his operational speed in implementing the CCM Manifesto for the year 2020-2025 by more than 100 percent within a period of three years and several months since he came into power and that the Zanzibarians love him, appreciating him and being satisfied with the performance of Dr. Mwinyi as he has been the best leader in solving the problems of the people through the strengthening of various public and private sectors.

Dr. Dimwa has said that CCM Zanzibar has seen the Government entering the 2025 General Election as a loss and misuse of taxpayers' money because the people need sustainable development, so President Dr. Mwinyi should be extended so that Zanzibar becomes an economically developed island country in the East African region.

Members of the Secretariat have discussed and evaluated in detail about the performance of President Dr. Mwinyi " we satisfied ourselves that there is no alternative for him and he deserves to lead the country for a period of seven years so that he has a good time to make a progressive Revolution in the economic and social fields, our decisions will follow constitutional and regulatory procedures by presenting them in high-level meetings so that they can give their blessings and this agreement can be passed in the House of Representatives in Zanzibar so that there can continue to be changes to some aspects of the Zanzibar Constitution of 1984 with the aim of ensuring that we hold General Elections of the government every seven years”

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