Bad waste collection has been a problem especially in rural and urban areas.

Bad waste collection system

 Bad waste collection has been a problem that is increasing in many rural and urban areas in a large percentage where many people have been sick through bad waste collection methods .

Based on the results of a study conducted in 2023 , it was found that bad waste collection has increased diseases by 30% in human life , this is due to the 2023 stastistics published in Kwimba district newspaper .

The Isagalla village government has urged all citizens to consider waste collection methods because environmental pollution causes serious harm especially in term of human health , so the village government has emphasized that every citizen with a family should consider the good importance of collecting waste in the relevant area  to ensure that  the environment remains friendly in all human settlements. 

The bad waste collection system in Isagalla village has indicated that it will cause serious harm to creatures including , birds, domestic animals such as cows and sheep , these are animals that have been eating plastic waste where when this material enters the animal's stomach , it turns into poison and causes serious harm to domestic animals .

According to the arguments of the researchers , they say that if the village of Isagalla in Mwanza continues to use a bad waste collection system , serious consequences will arise especially for domestic animals and humans where they will cause negative harm to human health and small land creatures .

The village government has said that all pipes should be repaired to avoid diseases such as malaria , cough ,bloody diarrhea and others to ensure that the waste reaches the right place where it should be .

The village government has proposed to establish modern sewage pipes that will help collect a lot of waste in rural areas and some urban areas to ensure that all sewage is collected and converted into products which will help increase a certain percentage of income for rural people.

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